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Areas of intervention

To keep your practice in constant evolution


The evaluation period is essential to identify the current strengths and weaknesses of your dental practice. This crucial step involves discussions and observation periods of your team members.


The introduction of clear guidelines and precise protocols within a dental clinic enables each collaborator to adhere to one specific quality standard therefore insure higher levels of screening and care for the patients.

Follow-up and support

To confirm the successful implementation of protocols, to guide new employees and to maintain the highest standard of service and care, follow-ups and ongoing support are high priorities for us.   They help participants stay focused on objectives and insure the practice is progressing.

Maximize each department’s performance and improve communication between your team members.

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Natacha Barbeauhd

Dental practice consultant

We know how stimulating it is for a team to attend training sessions. We finish these sessions highly motivated and intend to integrate our newly acquired knowledge to our daily practice.

Unfortunately, experience shows that a majority of teams abandon the process because they don’t have the time, support and guidance they need. They just can’t follow through, despite their good intentions.

My interventions will permit you to keep doing what you truly love to do: dentistry.   Turn over the task of integrating tools and protocols to me. In a trustful and respectful atmosphere, I will support your personnel, exchange with them and encourage them.

Natacha Barbeau consultante en milieu dentaire