Natacha Barbeau | Consultante en milieu dentaire et hygiéniste dentaire

Natacha Barbeauhd

Dental practice consultant

I am offering you 30 years of experience working in dental clinics, at both preventive and curative levels.

Screening, prevention, curative treatments, treatment plan presentations, micro-dentistry, Periodontics, use of technologies and development of hygiene departments are part of my expertise.

Professional background

In 2013, I have received the title of Trainer in individually taught oral prophylaxis, iTOP, from Dr Jiri Sedelmayer.

As a speaker since 2008, I have had the privilege of being invited by the FHDQ, Le Lycée, the Outaouais dental agency, Oral Science and many dental clinics in the province of Quebec.

To stay abreast of the challenges met by dental practitioners, I do chair side work with patients 6 to 8 days per month.

Since the beginning of my career, I have been asked to reflect on the situations of many dental practices and collaborated in the development of professional objectives for these clinics. By improving the use of new technologies and coordinating the change to their professional image, I have contributed to their success.

Chantal Lafrance | Administation et direction en milieu dentaire

Chantal Lafrance

In addition to my own, I can count on the expertise of Mrs. Chantal Lafrance who accumulated over 23 years of experience in managing every aspect of a dental clinic such as marketing, secretariat, management software and human ressources.

Mrs. Lafrance has played many roles for different dental clinics, large or small, which has helped her understand the difficulties dentists have to face in regards to customer service and maintaining patient records. In time she came to realize the importance of teamwork between departments (secretariat, hygiene, specialized treatments) in order to maximize patient experience.

Professional background

Being a trained secretary, my experience in dental clinics has enabled me to acquire the skills needed to display a positive and welcoming image for any patient who comes through the door.

At this stage of my career, I can use this experience to help dentists who want to optimize their secretarial department and come up with strategies to enhance the clinic’s overall success.

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