An evolutionary practice

Maximize each department’s performance and improve communication between your team members.

Areas of intervention

To keep your practice in constant evolution


  • of your hygiene department performance
  • of your hygienists specific skills
  • of how the available technology is used
  • of the needs for technology
  • of problems encountered
  • of your sterilization department
  • of your Periodontics department
  • of your scheduling method efficiency
  • of your patients records management system
  • of your recall system
  • of how your dental software and computer equipment are used
  • of your performance analysis system (billing efficiency)
  • of your secretarial department
  • of communications in general (working climate, team meeting, teamwork…)


  • the systematic and optimal use of technologies
  • the terminology related to these new practices
  • micro-dentistry
  • the development and presentation of treatment plans
  • protocol implementation in Periodontics
  • motivational interviewing (manage objections and hesitations)
  • efficient scheduling management
  • how to set up micro-dentistry in your hygiene rooms

Follow-up and support

  • for current and newly hired staff
  • following the acquisition of new technology
  • training continuum
  • in asepsis
  • by workshops and personalized coaching
  • in workplace related conflict management

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