Delighting the customer: or the WOW effect

Although one could attend this seminar individually, the participation of every team member of the dental clinic is necessary to obtain optimal results.

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Seminar description

Delighting the customer is a philosophy and a way of doing things.  The result we wish to achieve is customer retention, a rise in the number of references and happiness at work.

The practical section of this class in the afternoon is very entertaining and you will be able to apply these notions to your everyday routine on the very next day at work.

The main objectives are:

  • Understanding what we mean by « delighting» the customer
  • Bringing a new perspective on customer service
  • Giving an overview of the motivational interview concept
  • Learning about active listening
  • Revealing some well kept secrets on delighting the customer
  • Putting theoretical principles into practice
  • Motivating participants to do their best individually or as a team in 2015-2016
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